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Tennis Channel Plus works in conjunction with a large range of cable providers within the USA.


In order to watch Tennis Channel using any of your internet-enabled devices (Smart TV, phone, tablet, computer or laptop), you must have a participating cable provider AND Tennis Channel on your TV package. These are the two conditions that a cable subscriber must meet in order to successfully watch Tennis Channel through an app or website. You can confirm if your provider supports our online platform by looking for it here.


If you do not meet both of these, your best alternative is to make sure it's added as a part of your TV package and watch it using your regular cable box. 


Don't have a cable provider or you do but find it costly to upgrade your TV plan or sports package for TC? GREAT NEWS.


You can purchase a TC Plus subscription and you can get your own dose of tennis. To set the right expectation, please note that some of the Live Matches are only available on regular cable Tennis Channel. Before you sign up, make sure to review the current and upcoming matches that will be covered by your TC Plus subscription on this page. 


To subscribe for the annual fee of $99.99, simply visit the Tennis Channel website here, You can know more about how to subscribe by visiting this helpful article.


Here's a sample video that will show you how:

If you have any further questions please contact our friendly Customer Success Team.


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