Can I watch Live events on a ROKU device?

Definitely, Yes! To add Tennis Channel Plusl to your Network Roku App, follow these steps using the Roku remote:

1. Go to your Roku Player's Channel Store and browse for ‘Tennis Channel Everywhere’. Click on it then click 'Yes' to add TCPlus to your 'Channels'.

2. Select the event you want to watch.

3. Enter your Receipt Number which will be found on the email that was sent to you after you completed your purchase, then click 'Confirm'.

4. Once you entered the receipt number, you will gain access right away. The live broadcast will start automatically at the time of the event.

Note: If you haven’t purchased the event yet, simply use your phone (or tablet/PC) to complete your purchase. The event purchase URL will be provided on the screen. Live stream events can be accessed on all types of Roku devices, SD and HD.


If you have any further questions please reach out to our friendly Customer Success Team.

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