How do I cancel my Tennis Channel Plus subscription?



Cancelling your subscription is super easy and can be done at any time. If you subscribed through the website, please watch the video below on how you can cancel the subscription:  

For better understanding, please see the breakdown of steps below:

1. Go to Tennis Channel website and click on settings to sign in. You may also go directly on this link -

2. Sign in via subscription and enter your registered username and password.


3. Once you’re successfully signed in, click on Settings beside your username.


4. You will be routed to your subscription settings. To cancel the subscription, click on UNSUBSCRIBE.


5. Choose the reason to indicate why you want to stop the subscription and click on UNSUBSCRIBE to completely cancel the subscription.


6. A confirmation email of cancellation will be sent to you via Email.

NOTE: Cancelling your subscription doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be granted of refund. You will have access until the date you paid for. We however allow refunds to be processed only within 24 hours upon purchase.


If you have any further questions please reach out to our friendly Customer Success Team.


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