The match has ended and I haven't watched it. Is there a replay?

Tennis Channel Plus plays host in hundreds of video-on-demand replays, however, it is not always guaranteed they will be available. As per the rights we are granted, we only have a few days following the conclusion of an event for certain matches to show on the On-Demand section. It won't include the 24-48 hour window used for uploading the content, so there is not a delay in the upload. If we have the right to do this immediately, we would but some matches may be uploaded a few days after the Finals. 


Due to this we strongly advise that you view the event whilst it is showing live so that you don't miss a minute of the action. 


** Please note that we do not accept refund requests for missed or expired events. To make sure you know the coverage of your subscription, go to the TC PLUS Tournament list here. You can also reach out to our friendly Customer Success Team via email or chat to check on it for you.



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