Troubleshooting Streaming Issues on your Computer Browser

Is the video not playing? After troubleshooting, it still won't play? Are you getting any error messages? Struggling with poor connection? Tennis Channel is best suited to be viewed via the Chrome browser.


If you can't play the content or you are unable to open a video, here are a few ways to resolve and improve your viewing experience:

  1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. You can click on the name of the browser you're currently using to see the proper steps to follow:
  2. Try using another browser and/or device.
  3. Test your internet connection speed:
      • For a reliable viewing experience at medium quality, you need a minimum of 1.5Mb download Internet speed.
  4. Try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the video from another browser and/or device.


• This also applies to any issues with audio on a particular browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

• If the video is still not playing or if you encounter any other issues, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support Team.

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