My cable provider is not listed

While Tennis Channel works in conjunction with a large range of cable providers within the USA, not seeing your cable provider on the list or being prompted to sign in with a TV provider that you do not have could mean:

  • Do you have a traditional cable provider? Streaming platforms like fuboTV and Sling TV where you can add Tennis Channel as a local channel or as a part of a sports package do not count as traditional. 

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  • If what you have is either of the two mentioned platforms, then you can only use them on their respective application. Your subscription with them to get Tennis Channel will not reflect on our own platform and native website and app.

  • If you do have a traditional cable provider and you have Tennis Channel on your TV package, chances are that your provider does not have an ongoing agreement with Tennis Channel.

  • This is why you will not see it (at least not yet) on the list. Optimum and Spectrum used to not be on the list but due to cable subscriber demands to these respective companies, they now support Tennis Channel online. 

***Feel free to reach out to your cable company to seek their input on considering to support Tennis Channel online.

Do you have Tennis Channel Plus but is being prompted to sign in with a cable provider? See "I purchased Tennis Channel Plus but I can't log in"

If you have any further questions please contact our friendly Customer Success Team.

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