How do I enter a promo or coupon code?

Here's a step by step process to redeem a coupon code when you have one:


  1. Go to and click on "create an account" or sign in if you already have an existing account.
  2. Enter your desired username and password. Make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box. Click on "continue"
  3. You will be routed to the checkout page. Click on "redeem coupon" and enter the promo code.
  4. Click on "Activate" to successfully redeem the promo code.
  5. Once the discount is applied, proceed with entering your payment details.
  6. Once done, you will be able to access PLUS content right away.



  • You cannot activate a code on an account with an existing subscription. You must unsubscribe and wait until it has expired before the system will allow you to redeem it on the checkout page. 
  • Coupon codes can only be redeemed on the website, this option is not available on the Tennis Channel app.


Here is a sample video as a reference:



If you have any further questions please contact our friendly Customer Success team.

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